Touch screen Solutions

TouchGuide is a software company developing wayfinding solutions for larger touch screens used in public buildings and places such as Shopping Centers, City Centers, Bus -and Train stations, Airports, Museums, Campus areas and in the Tourism industry.

Unique Features

The user interface allows well known gestures on the screen: swiping, tap, pinch to zoom and all other movements users are familiar with from their smartphones.

Powerful Code

Our team, located in Bangalore, India, consists of skilled computer specialists in front-end and back-end programming and testings. Our partner is ISO 9001:2008 certified which ensures well-managed and efficient deliveries

Excellent Support

Our team is monitoring all our installations from a distance and performs maintenances and upgrades of the applications with frequent intervals. Our customers can feel confident that we keep control!


TouchSolutions Product Family

A rich variety of software for touch screens, in sizes from 4 to 55 inches.


With TouchGuide Info and Wayfinding System our customers creates a better service and a more pleasant shopping experience for their visitors.


TouchNet is an effective Internal Information System using the latest web and mobile technology as a tool to interact between the owner, management, employes and teenants.

TouchPlayer is a media player built into our solutions. You don’t need any special programs or skills to create a playlist and add media content in TouchPlayer. It’s easy to use and it handles all popular images and video formats in a user friendly layout.


Be able to manage all the content displayed on the screens with TouchAdmin, the friendly and easy to use administration platform of all our software.

Wayfinding by TouchMobile engages consumers in a new interactive way, which far exceeds traditional wayfinding touch-technologies.

Built-in WebService that synchronizes data between our customer‘s website and what is shown on the TouchGuide’s screens, simplifying the management of information.

Products And Partners